This endpoint shares an inspection with a user.

This endpoint facilitates sharing an inspection with a user. To identify the IDs of inspections you wish to share, refer to the "Get a List of Inspections" endpoint.

Please note that you can only share inspections to which you have access.

If the inspection is already shared with a specific user, using this endpoint will not update the existing share. Instead, it will result in a conflict error with response code "409".

You have the option to specify the role assigned to the shared user (invitee), such as "viewer", "contributor", or "assignee". This provides precise control over the level of access granted to each recipient. Furthermore, additional settings such as enabling email reminders (for assignee role only) and allowing resharing can be configured to customize the sharing experience based on user preferences.

The following describes the roles and their corresponding access and responsibilities

Viewer - This role allows users to view the inspection, but they cannot make any edits. Their access is limited to observing the inspection data without the ability to modify it.

Assignee - This role allows users the ability to modify and add inspection data, as well as they have responsibility for conducting and completing the inspection. In other words, they are accountable for ensuring that the inspection is carried out thoroughly and that all necessary data is provided.

Contributor - This role allows users to modify or add inspection data, granting them similar access rights to assignees. However, contributors are not held accountable for completing the inspection.

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